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DEVSML Eclipse Editor Installation


  1. Download Eclipse Mars Java-DSL version
  2. Download and Install New Software from Update Site
  3. Select DEVSML Studio
  4. Accept the license: Eclipse Public License


Test Installation

  • Using Eclipse Git perspective, import Git repository: https://saumitt@bitbucket.org/duniptech/fdssamples.git

Import Git repository

  • Import existing project as clone finishes

Import as Eclipse Project

  • Open the FdsSamples project in Plugin perspective and open entities.fds. Add Xtext nature if prompted

Import as Project

  • Open the PlantUml View if not open.

Open PlantUml Plugin

  • Open the atomics.fds for DEVS Statemachine visualization

PlantUml View


  • Open gpt.fds and gpCoupled/gpt.java and RunAs… Java Application. By default, a TraceCoordinator is used to run the simulation that generates a trace that is readily viewable as a UML Sequence diagram. 

GPT Executing


  • Congratulations! You have successfully installed DEVSML Editor and the backend xCore-DEVS simulation engine plugin