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DEVSML Studio Simulation Trace Viewer

The auto-generated code in the coupled model’s main function creates two coordinators:

  1. TraceCoordinator
  2. Coordinator

By default, TraceCoordinator is used so that it generates a Simulation Trace file when the main function is executed.

After the execution is completed, a timestamped “Simulation Run (<model name>) <timestamp>” is created in the project workspace. Note: Ensure that IDE workspace is automatically refreshed by checking this box as in figure below.

Auto refresh Eclipse workspace for generated files

                      Auto refresh Eclipse workspace for generated files


The generated file is vieweable as a UML Sequence Diagram in the associated PlantUml plugin. The Sequence Diagram reflects the flattened version of the coupled model. The component name reflects the fully Qualified name.

                             Autogenerated Simulation Sequence Diagram