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Modeling and Simulation Modeling in software and systems engineering is the art of emulation/simplification of real-world using valid abstractions, formal knowledge representation and implementation as a software program or a graphical artifact. Simulation is the act of execution of the model on a time-base to present dynamical behavior. Modeling and Simulation are independent areas of research and the simulator executes a "contract" (simulation protocol) when it simulates a model. Correctness of this contract and simulator implementation is called Verification. Correctness of model is done through Validation.
Executable Architectures The simulation of an architecture model is an open problem and an active area of research. We at DUNIP with our research repository and experience provide a methodology to develop executable architectures based on Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DODAF) Version 2.0 with model-driven systems engineering (MDSE) paradigm. The foundation is described in our latest book.
Model-Driven Systems Engineering (MDSE) With the theoretical foundation of Discrete Event Systems formalism, a.k.a DEVS, we engineer our M&S-driven systems with strong theoretical systems engineering principles and advanced model engineering technologies employing metamodeling and Domain Specific Languages (DSLs). The DEVS Unified Process (DUNIP) facilitates integration and continuous satisfaction of requirements across the entire systems lifecycle in an agile manner
Netcentric Agent-based Distributed Systems With industry's widespread adoption of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and its pursuit of semantic web technologies, we at Dunip bring research and solutions that allow netcentric modeling and simulation-based engineering for interoperable event-driven architectures and systems. We engineer multi-agent systems and complex dynamical system-of-systems using scientific theories/frameworks based on agent-based computing, organic computing and natural computing.
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We base our research and technologies on the publications as listed below. While we do not claim ownership of the intellectual property for all of them, there are a few articles that were published through Dunip Tech LLC. All the collaborators and publishing societies retain their respective copyrights.



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