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Who We are

Mission Dunip Tech's mission is to provide world class expertise and solutions in the areas of cross-platform netcentric modeling and simulation-based systems engineering for complex dynamical, agent-based, knowledge-based and adaptive systems; and to conduct practical and meaningful research to benefit the community at-large.
Vision We strive to bring simulation as a knowledge generating vehicle across various disciplines that advances human understanding and supports engineering of useful systems.

WELCOME... to Multi-X Modeling and Simulation-driven Complex Systems Engineering


Dunip Technologies LLC is a company geared to address multi-platform multi-disciplinary multi-paradigm modeling and simulation. Managed and led by academic and industry professionals who are experts in their field, we contribute advanced research in public interest to benefit the field of Modeling and Simulation through a unified process for cross-platform systems M&S. Our efforts are geared towards using and pushing DEVS Unified Process for complex systems engineering in multiple disciplines across the entire systems engineering life cycle.

Effective December 2018, the company does not hold any operations. Content available on this website is strictly for historical reasons and information purpose only.


Released: Feb. 2013

BOOK REVIEW in SCS Newsletter, July'13